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Our Legacy

Here at Glacial Lakes Multicultural Center, our mission is to "welcome the stranger." Our logo symbolizes that mission - two people in a welcoming embrace, their arms forming a welcoming house where the windows let in light and the light of newcomers shine out into our community. Notice the body and torso of the people; different colors symbolize how we are all the same, yet different. 

To welcome the stranger, our vision is to embrace and celebrate diverse cultures by promoting understanding and respect for all and by providing education, referrals, and multicultural resources.

The Glacial Lakes Multicultural Center, Inc. was created in March of 2019; our non-profit status was approved in June. We then moved to our present location in July of 2019. 

The center began after the closure of the Benedictine Multicultural Center in November 2018. Sister Teresa Ann and other concerned individuals felt the mission to "Welcome the Stranger" was more important than ever. Thus, the Glacial Lakes Multicultural Center was born. 

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Dedicated. Passionate. Professional.

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Executive Director

“I believe in the mission (of GLMC) and am confident that as a team and with God’s help, we will extend the reach and impact of (GLMC.) The potential benefits to the families served, businesses partnered with, and communities reached are immeasurable. The opportunity to lead the compassionate Christian outreach of GLMC is both humbling and exciting. I am confident that the best is yet to come!”


Assistant Director and Immigration Specialist

"The small daily acts I do for others are very rewarding when I get to see the outcome in their lives."

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